Grants Activities

Symposia and Seminars

TIFO supports symposia, seminars, lectures, etc., that promote international understanding of Japan.

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Art and Culture

TIFO supports exhibitions of Japanese arts and culture held at museums and galleries, and other activities that introduce Japanese arts and culture to communities outside Japan.

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Research and Related Activities

TIFO supports research on themes related to Japan, and supports projects to purchase Japanese books for research; to build network supporting Japan studies; and to promote education on Japan and Japanese language.

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Human Resources Development

TIFO supports projects to cultivate students and young researchers who will major in Japan studies or contribute to deepen international understanding of Japan and to strengthen the relation between Japan and other countries.

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TIFO supports projects that promote understanding of Japan, and divides them into the following four categories:

  • Symposia and seminars.
  • Cultural programs.
  • Research and studies.
  • Programs that train students who will promote international understanding of Japan.

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TIFO Initiated Activities

  • Fellowship program for foreign students attending IUC.
  • TOMODACHI Toshiba Science & technology Leadership Academy.
  • Field work by doctoral students of Japanese studies Center for Japanese Studies, University of East Anglia Summer School for students of Japanese Studies.
  • Shot field work for specialists on ASEAN.
  • Toshiba Youth Club Asia.

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