Project Categories for Grant

    TIFO starts receiving applications for grants for FY 2019 on October 1st, 2018 (Japan Time).

    TIFO supports projects that promote understanding of Japan, and divides them into the following four categories:

    1. Symposia and seminars.
    2. Cultural programs.
    3. Research and studies.
    4. Programs that train students who will promote international understanding of Japan.

    Please apply, as described below, only if your project fits one or more of these categories.

    FY 2019 will be the year when TIFO will welcome its 30th year of its establishment. We will welcome active applications for various projects that include new perceptives and/or suggestions of new directions of Japan toward its bright future.


  • Applicants
    • Non-profit organizations capable of performing the proposed project that has or will have a bank account in its officially registered name into which to receive the grant.
  • Project
    • Projects that meet TIFO's objectives, with priority given to projects outside Japan
    • Projects, or a discrete part of a continuing project, that can be completed within one fiscal year (April 1st of one year to March 31st of the following year), with the proviso that funding for discrete parts of a continuing project will be eligible for funding for a maximum of three consecutive years.

    ※ The following are ineligible and will not be accepted.

    • Applications from individuals
    • Application for expenses to stay in Japan for an extended period
  • Points of attention
    • Applicants who have received support for three consecutive years become ineligible to receive support for a fourth year under the same program. This measure enables TIFO to extend support to as many applicants as possible by de-emphasizing repeated long-term funding to the same recipients. Other than exceptional projects where TIFO finds compelling reasons for continued support for over three years, a guiding principle of TIFO’s grant policy is not to award grants for four consecutive years. While we do not regard such applications as ineligible, they are much less likely to receive support.
    • For multi-year projects of up to three years duration, the Selection Committee will evaluate the project each year and decide whether or not TIFO will continue to extend support.
    • The entire award founded in the amount of grant for the project must be used for the stated project purpose only. TIFO grant amounts are determined on the basis of specific estimate contained in applications, and we expect grant funds are not to be used to pay for any costs other than those expressly detailed in the application.
  • Application Period

    October 1st to November 30th, 2018 (both Japan time)

    Selection Schedule

    November 30th, 2018
    Application deadline
    February 2019
    Selection Committee selects projects for funding for fiscal year 2019
    March 2019
    Approval of the selected projects by the Board of Directors and notification to the applicants

    Selection Committee

    Toshiba International Foundation has an independent selection committee that selects the most appropriate projects for funding from among the applications and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.

    (As of 1 October, 2018)

    Selection Committee
    Chairman Nobuhiko Shima (Journalist)
    Members Yoko Ishikura (Professor emeritus, Hitotsubashi University)
    Eiko Imahashi (Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo)
    Heita Kawakatsu (Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture)
    Fukunari Kimura (Professor, Faculty of Economics, Keio University)
    Tokiko Soma (Senior Manager, CSR Management Office, Public Relations & Investor Relations Div., Toshiba Corporation)
    Robert Campbell (Director-General, National Institute of Japanese Literature, the National Institutes for the Humanities)
    Fumihiko Yamada (Professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

    Application Steps

    1. Download Application Form.
      Go to Application Form Download Page
    2. Fill in all necessary items in the Application Form.
    3. After you fill in the Form, upload the document on to our website.
      Go to Application Form Upload Page
    4. After Application Form has been uploaded without any trouble, “Thank you” message will be displayed on the web.