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Application procedure (general)

When can I apply for a grant?
The two-month period from October 1 to November 30 of each year is the application period. We will accept applications for projects scheduled to be implemented in the next fiscal year, starting April.
When will the grant be decided, and how will you notify us of the result of selection?
The grant will be decided by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation in March after being selected by the Selection Committee in February of the year that follows the year of application. Notification of the grant decision will be sent by e-mail within March. In the event that your program is not selected by the Selection Committee, you will be notified by e-mail after the Committee's meeting within February.
Where can I find the application form? Can you mail it to me?
Please download it from our website after the application for the grant starts in October. If you are unable to download the file, please contact us through the inquiry page of the foundation.
After I submit (upload) the application, is it possible to amend the content and submit the revised application again?
Please check the entire content of the application carefully before you submit the application, so you do not have to make amendments later. If it becomes inevitable to make corrections or amendements after submission, please contact us through the inquiry page of the foundation.
I uploaded my application, but how can I check if it has been accepted? / I haven't received the confirmation email.
When uploading of the application form is completed, the message "We have duly received your application" will be displayed on the screen. Please check if the message appears. We will not send you an e-mail to confirm receipt of application. If you wish to check if the application has reached us, please contact us through the inquiry page of the foundation.
Can I call to discuss the details of the application?
In order to prevent spread of COVID-19, the staff of the Foundation is promoting remote working in principle. Please contact us through the inquiry page on the website of the Foundation.

Qualification requirements

In the application guidelines, it is stated that only non-profit organizations are qualified to apply. Our company is engaged in activities serving public interests. Can we apply?
Applications from companies or business entities with commercial purposes are basically ineligible.
If I belong to an institution or organization, can I apply as an individual?
Applications from individuals for individual purposes are not accepted. But you may apply as a representative of the project promoted by your organization, or the team to which you belong.
Is it possible to apply multiple projects?
If you have multiple projects, please narrow them down to one for application.

Priority theme

Are there any restrictions on the specific themes that can be applied for the grant? Are there any themes that are prioritized in the selection?
As long as they are in line with the objectives and activities of our foundation, we place no restrictions on the themes that can be applied for nor priority themes. For reference, please check here for past grants.

The influence of COVID-19, etc.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared end to COVID-19 as the global health emergency in May, 2023. However, we are a little concerned of the possible resurgence of the COVID-19 or occurrence of a similar pandemic in the regions and countries closely relevant to our projects. If such a situation occurs, we cannot rule out the possibility of a potential influence to our project’s implementation during the next fiscal year. Even so, is it possible to apply for your grant?
We understand your concerns and we will accept your application. However, the grant is premised on the implementation of the project within the relevant period. Please consider and fill in the contingency plan to the extent possible on the application form.
What happens if there is a significant change in the activity after the grant has been decided? Are there any points to note?
If any significant changes occur, or if they become highly likely to occur, please contact and consult with the program officer in charge.

Grant (target year)

Our project spans over multiple fiscal years in duration, and will not end in a single year. Can we apply such a project, and if so how?
You may apply a project that spans over multiple years. However, even if the grant is awarded in the first year, it is applicable for the first year only. You are requested to submit an application again in the following year and afterward, to go through the same evaluation process for grant as in the first year.
It is specified that the grant period for the same project is in principle up to 3 years, but in what case can the grant be made after the fourth year?
In principle, our grant will be up to three years. However, if the project is expected to evolve further to the next phase based on the results of the project, we will accept an application, although the priority of grant selection may become lower.

Grant (scale, use)

Is there a guideline for the amount of the grant? How much is the average amount?
It varies greatly depending on the project content, but the approximate amount is several hundred thousand to 1.5 million Japanese yen.
Are there any limitations on the use of grant? Does it include indirect costs such as personnel costs and operating costs?
Our grant can be used for a wide range of project-related purposes. For example, regarding symposiums, venue fees, material preparation costs, speakers' travel costs including airfare, accommodation expenses, honoraria for speakers, networking meeting expenses, etc. are included. In the case of research and studies category, various related expenses such as material production costs, communication costs, printing costs, etc. are covered. However, indirect expenses such as personnel salaries and office rent are not included. At the time of application, please state the total project cost and the breakdown (approximate amount) that will be the basis of the desired amount of grant.
What should I do if I have a surplus grant?
Please carefully estimate the budget at the point of application in order for us to support as many organizations as possible. If inevitable changes in the project occurred after the project started, due to natural disasters or unpredictable changes in circumstances, and surplus of the grant fund became likely to occur, please consult with the program officer in charge.

Documents to be submitted after the grant is decided

Are there any standard formats or reference examples for documents to be submitted such as reports and invoices?
We will inform you of the necessary documents and forms for submission when we notify you of our grant decision. If you have any questions, please contact us at that time.
By when should I submit the report if the project ends at the end of March?
As a general rule, we ask you to report within 3 months after the end of your project. But if the project ends at the end of the fiscal year (end of March), please submit a flash report (1 to 2 sheets of A4 or lettersize paper) by the end of April, and submit the final report by the end of June.
Do I need a monthly report?
Monthly reporting is not required.
Who should sign the lettr of agreement?
We request signature by the representative of the organization or the person responsible for the project. An electronic signature is also accepted.
Do I have to submit a receipt of the expenses I used?
It is not necessary to submit receipts.

Grant (payment)

Can I set the transfer destination of the grant to a personal bank account?
As a general rule, our grant is only payable to the bank account held by the organization that makes the application. It is not possible to designate a personal account as the beneficiary.
Is the currency of the grant Japanese yen? Is it possible to receive in a foreign currency instead of Japanese Yen? Can I change the currency after the grant decision?
In addition to Japanese yen, it is possible to pay grant in foreign currencies such as US dollars, euros and sterling pounds. Please fill in the grant amount you apply for in the desired currency (single currency only) at the time of application. In principle, the currency cannot be changed after the grant decision. Please also note that there may be cases when our nominated bank in Japan may not handle certain currencies.
Can I get the grant in installments?
Grant transfer is single payment only.
Can I get the grant in cash instead of by bank transfer?
We make transfer to the bank account only.
Is it possible to transfer the grant to multiple recipients?
Please specify only one transfer account.