25th anniversary essay contest awards ceremony

    Toshiba International Foundation honors the winners of its 25th anniversary essay contest. Awards Ceremony, June 22, 2015 The winners spoke on aspects of Japan they most value, and offered suggestions on messages for Japan to share with the world.

    The Project Japan

    “The Project japan”, a feature program on the 25th anniversary international symposium in Japan on October 3th, was covered by Channel Japan, a magazine-style informational program broadcast across Asia.(December 14th ,2014)

    International Summer School Japan Orientation | University of East Anglia (UEA)

    Bill Nye the Science Guy with TOMODACHI Toshiba Academy in Tokyo

    Bill Nye, the Science Guy himself, was in Tokyo at the start of August to share inspiration, advice and his quirky sense of humor with the participants in the inaugural TOMODACHI Toshiba Science and Technology Leadership Academy.

    Making Kintaro candy, rock

    We have made Kintaro hard candy as a novelty gift to mark TIFO’s 25th anniversary. There are three designs: 25 for the years, TIFO for the foundation, and 東芝, the kanji for Toshiba Cooperation.
    The candy-making process is, definitely is, must have is here highly skilled and interesting, and we decided to make this video so you can see it for yourself. We hope you enjoy it.

    25th anniversary message

    This year, TIFO celebrates its 25th anniversary. To commemorate this, we have created this 2-minute video review of our policies and activities. We hope you enjoy it.

    Player: Pro Musica Nipponia