Art and Culture

TIFO supports exhibitions of Japanese arts and culture held at museums and galleries, and other activities that introduce Japanese arts and culture to communities outside Japan.

FY2020 Grant Example

Japanese Traditional Music Learning Program
Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden, USA

Japanese Traditional Music Learning Program

South Florida’s Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens is dedicated to communicating Japanese culture, and particularly to introducing and popularizing Japanese traditional music among young people. In the face of the pandemic, the museum implemented an online program aimed at schools, universities and libraries in South Florida that introduced some of Japan’s most famous instruments: the 13-string and 17-string koto, and the biwa, the Japanese lute. (Held from Jan. 29 to March 17, 2021)

Creation of the Documentary “Visas for Life. Chain of Courage”
Professional Audiovisual Decisions, ProConf, Lithuania

Creation of the Documentary “Visas for Life. Chain of Courage”

As the Japanese consul in Lithuania during World War II, Chiune SUGIHARA helped thousands of Jews to escape from Europe. The documentary features testimonies to his humanitarianism in issuing ‘Visas for Life’, and people, who also helped Jewish refugees by linking up as a chain of courage. The film was produced by the interviews with survivors who went on live their lives in the United States and Israel, with their families and friends, and with Sugihara’s relatives.

FY 2022 Grant Activities (Plan)

  • Europe
  • Europe, Middle East And Africa

The Americas

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens
Japanese Traditional Music Stage II: Community Outreach Program

The Americas

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Survey for the Japanese Drawing Access and Documentation Project

The Americas

Institute for Medieval Japanese Studies: Japanese Cultural Heritage Initiatives, Columbia University
Online Archives (Video Library) of Japanese Heritage Instruments and Their Music


Associazione Culturale ISSHO-NI San Marino & Giappone, San Marino
Photo exhibition “Nagasaki Beyond” and other events introducing Japanese culture


Yamashiroya, Japan
"Samurai Exhibition" in Russia


Sanjo Ika Association, Japan
Sanjo Rokkaku Battle Azerbaijan Tournament
Society for Future Japanese education
Easy Japanese -Towards a Carbon-Decarbonized Society- Japanese-English Bilingual Booklet
Oyama Pilgrimage History Promotion Committee
Sharing Edo Culture with an International Audience Through the Oyama Pilgrimage
Japan Trad Innovators Committee
Exploring Japanese Music
KATARIBE World Network
International KATARIBE Workshop
Cultural Sending Promotion Committee
Tokyo Tower Arts Festival VI
Meiji Jingu Intercultural Exchange Committee
Publication of Waka poetry composed by Emperor Meiji (bilingual)
Japanese Culture Promotion and Management
Japanese Traditional Music Workshops Phase 2 (Part 2)
Focus on Okinawa: Introducing the shakuhachi and koto in Japanese K-12 local schools.
Kanayama Megaliths Research Center
Project for Reviving Jomon Megalithic Astronomy