The projects shown on this page are all based on plans as of the beginning of the fiscal year.

Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies (IUC)
Fellowship program for foreign students attending IUC
Global Artist Residency Program (Columbia University)
Program on Japanese traditional music learning for international players
University of Cambridge, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Cambridge Toshiba Japan and World Graduate Scholarship
Center for Japanese Studies, University of East Anglia
Online Summer Programme in Japanese Cultural Studies
European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS)
Support for field work in Japan by doctoral students of Japanese studies
European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS)
Support for the 18th workshop for doctoral students organized by EAJS
Vietnam Association of Japan Alumni (VAJA)
Fellowship program for Vietnamese researchers
Beijing Center for Japanese Studies
TIFO scholarship program for the Beijing Center's master-class students visiting Japan
Toshiba Youth Club Asia
High school student exchange program between Japan and ASEAN countries
Japan-Insights Project
Development of information dissemination platform with the cooperation of overseas Japanese researchers