TYCA Special Programs for FY2021 Finishes with Great Success

    Since Fiscal Year (FY) 2014, Toshiba International Foundation and ASJA International have been conducting Toshiba Youth Club Asia(TYCA), a joint program to provide high-school students from ASEAN countries and Japan with opportunities to envision Asia’s and the world’s future through one-week intensive fieldwork/ discussion sessions in Tokyo.

    Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in early 2020, however, we have suspended these standard programs, and focused on supporting the past participants of TYCA, whom we call alumni, as we recognize they are working very hard to overcome the pandemic challenges and to realize their respective vision.

    Following on the TYCA web project 2020, in which we collected the voices of the alumni and advisors, we implemented a special series of TYCA alumni programs during FY2021.

    The FY2021 programs consisted of (1) on-line alumni reunion; (2) special webinars, featuring young Japanese innovators; and (3) the TYCA alumni summit.

    The purpose of these programs was to provide unique opportunities with the alumni, in which they can, even virtually, gather at the same time to catch up with and encourage each other, and to provide new platforms for them to gain new insights and encouragement for the future.

    The common theme for these programs was “Go Beyond Imagination.” We aimed to support the TYCA alumni to get new inspiration and make joint commitment to building a bright future together, by renewing their bond with each other and overcoming the traditional ways of thinking, or boundary of the comfort zone.
    The FY2021 programs resulted in a resounding success.

    Visit the web site (Window Open https://tyca.asia/archive/tyca-alumni-program-2021/)for more information.