TIFO’s brochure for 2022 was uploaded.
TIFO started receiving applications for grants for FY2023.
Notice on the summer holidays
Our office will be closed from August 11 (Thurs.) through August 15 (Mon.) for the summer holidays in Japan.
Your understanding will be appreciated.
A special program consisting of (1) on-line alumni reunion; (2) special webinars, featuring young Japanese innovators; and (3) the TYCA alumni summit was held for alumni of Toshiba Youth Club Asia for the past 6 years.
Ayumi Shimonoto, a koto player in the Yamada school, has produced "Sōkyoku x Gagaku: The Japanese Classics and Contemporary," a concert video that aims to deepen understanding of sōkyoku—compositions for the koto—and to encourage recognition of Japanese traditional music through a cultural exchange. (FY2021 grant project)
Notice on the Golden Week holidays
Our office will be closed from April 29 (Fri.) through May 5 (Thu.) for the Golden Week holidays in Japan.
Your understanding will be appreciated.
Art historian Sophie Richard conducted a video interview with Ildegarda Scheidegger, who advises on and collects Japanese art. In her Zurich home, Ms. Scheidegger introduces her collection, which presents a view of Japan through modern art works. (FY2021 TIFO grant project)
Ms. Sophie Richard has interviewed Ms. Masami Yamada, Japanese art curator in the Asian Department at the Victoria and Albert Museum, about her role, and about the V&A’s Japanese art collection. The video was produced to feature the interview and a walk-through introduction to the museum’s Toshiba Gallery of Japanese art (FY2021 grant project).
Notice on the Winter Holidays
Our office will be closed from December 29 (Wed.) through January 4 (Tue.) for the winter holidays in Japan.
Your understanding will be appreciated.
The application for FY2022 grant closed at the end of November, 2021.
The video "Tokyo: Art & Photography – Exhibition Film" produced by the University of Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology was posted (FY2021 grant program).
The video "Oyama, A Sacred Mountain of Japan" produced by the Oyama Pilgrimage Committee (FY2021 Grant) was posted.

TIFO starts receiving applications for grants for FY 2022.

TIFO’s brochure for 2021 was uploaded.

The EAJS conference 2021, sponsored by TIFO, was held from August 24th to 28th.
Message from the new Chairman was posted.
Notice on the Golden Week holidays
Our office will be closed from April 29 (Thurs.) through May 5 (Wed.) for the Golden Week holidays in Japan.
Your understanding will be appreciated.
We would like to introduce a digest video of an educational webinar about koto and biwa held by the Morikami Museum (FY2020 Grant) in Florida, USA in collaboration with Japan Cultural Promotion Management in February, 2021.
Ms. Sophie Richard, art historian and author of ‘The Art Lover’s Guide to Japanese Museums,’ has produced a series of videos in which she talks to people from the world of art about their love of Japanese arts.
We have released a special site that collects essays from alumni of Toshiba Youth Club Asia for the past 6 years.
We have stopped accepting the application for grant for FY2021.
TIFO starts receiving applications for grants for FY 2021 on October 1st, 2020.
TIFO’s brochure for 2020 was uploaded.
Message from the Chairman was updated.

New essays relative to Japan-Insights website were uploaded.
  1. In ‘The Gardens and Landscape of Tohoku,’ and ‘The Gardens of Tokyo’ two young gardeners from Kew Gardens, recount their what they saw and learned while studying Japanese gardens in Japan’s north-east and Tokyo.
  2. In ‘Rustic Houses and Rice Fields in Yamaguchi’ and ‘Culture, Tradition, and Innovation along the Rice-Road’ the archaeologist Dr. Kitagawa Chiori details two typical examples of rustic houses and the values of Japanese aesthetics, and Doigahama site featuring lives in the early Yayoi Period.
TIFO Activities Report was updated to feature FY2019 activities.
Videos related to essays and the current focus of interest, COVID-19, have also been uploaded.
  1. In 'Japanese Classics in a Time of Contagion', Dr. Robert Campbell, Director General of the National Institute of Japanese Literature, delves into the lives of premodern people dealing with infectious diseases.
  2. A performance of ‘2020 Glories of the Japanese Music Heritage XV’, introduced by Professor Barbara Rush, Director of the Institute for Medieval Japanese Studies at Columbia University
  3. 'Uncovering the Mystery of Japan's Stonehenge,’ a BBC documentary, adds to our understanding of the Kanayama Megalith, featured in Dr. Harriett Natsuyama’s essay.
New essays have been recently added to Japan-Insights
  1. Dr. Barak Kushner, Professor of East Asian Studies at the University of Cambridge, takes a look at the different food cultures of Tokyo and Osaka in ‘Eating and Slurping in Osaka.'
  2. In ‘the Soul of the Japanese Blade,’ Dr. Erich Pauer, an expert in Japanese technological and economic development at the CEEJA in France, delves into the history of tatara, the traditional steel making process.
  3. Dr. Regina Mathias, a scholar of social and economic history at France’s CEEJA, introduces in her essay ‘Ciapangu, Land of Gold and Silver’ a little known Japan.
'Northern Jomon Culture Seen from the World,' by Mr. Takada Kazunori, Director at Goshono Jomon Park, offers readers of Japan-Insights an informative look at the fascinating culture that developed in the unique geographical environment of Northern Tohoku and Hokkaido. This complements 'Enhanced Landscapes of Japanese Prehistory,' by the University of East Anglia’s Dr. Simon Kaner, which take a broader look at Jomon sites in Japan.
In ‘Spectacular Buildings, Sendai’s Legacy of Architecture and Art,’ Kyushu University art historian Dr. Anton Schweizer explores two fascinating aspects of Sendai’s architectural heritage: the Japanese baroque that flourished under Date Masamune, governor during the early years of the Tokugawa shogunate; and its vibrant modern architecture, exemplified by the distinctive Sendai Mediatheque.
The videos of final presentation and students’ interview of TYCA Vol.6 released.
Toshiba Youth Club Asia Vol.6 was held on December, 2019.
We have stopped accepting the application for grant for FY2020.
The award ceremony for the essay contest was held on November 26th.
TIFO starts receiving applications for grants for FY 2020 on October 1st, 2019.
We received a congratulatory message from Prof. Harald Fuess of Heidelberg University.
Toshiba Youth Club Asia Vol.5 was held on March, 2019.
We launched the 30-year anniversary site.
We have stopped accepting the application for grant for FY 2019.
TIFO starts receiving applications for grants for FY 2019 on October 1st, 2018.
Our website was updated.
Japan-Insights is enriched with a new essay:
  • 'Samurai Art of the Edo Period'
    by Dr. Timon Screech, Professor at Department of History of Art
    at the School of Oriental and African Studies, SOAS University of London, U.K.
Japan-Insights has posted more essays in which experts share their love of Japan.
  • Dr. Flavia Fulco, Sophie University ICC, Japan ‘Kataribe: A Keyword to Recovery’
  • Dr. Simon Kaner, University of East Anglia, UK ‘Izumo: Lands of Gods, Myths, and Metals’
  • Dr. Ewa Pa?asz-Rutkowska, University of Warsaw, Poland ‘The Symbol of Modern Japan’
TYCA Vol.4 held from December 22 to 29, 2017.
We stopped accepting applications for grant on Novemver 30th.
Japan-Insights” opens on November 29th. “Japan-Insights” encourages people around the world not just to visit Japan, but to find and explore the real Japan. This is made possible by some of the world’s leading experts, scholars, and professors in Japanese studies through essays that explore and showcase their expertise.
TIFO started to accept the grant application for fiscal year 2018 on October 1st.
On Monday, 4th September 2017, TIFO signed an agreement with the Cambridge Trust and the Japanese Studies section of the University of Cambridge to establish the Toshiba Cambridge Japan and the World Graduate Scholarship for PhD candidate student.
Our website has been redesigned.